Daily Archives: December 11, 2011



Do you ever wonder if silence is better than honesty? Feel the pang of needless anxiety of past actions? Feel nervous for whole entire days and not want to eat much because of it? Think you should write songs which are a little less sweet, or songs which are less offensive? Feel the need to modify and modify and modify your poetry? Question every last detail about your actions, your personality?
Do you ever want to play it safe? Be okay with easy answers? Let your reason be covered by dust so you can hide from it? Wish you hadn’t been real?
Have you ever said things you meant, but still regretted it? Felt incredible about someone then convinced yourself it was just you? Gone days and days on the verge of tears with no one noticing? Had experiences which make you question EVERYTHING you believe? Met people who change your worldview drastically because they. are. so. inspiring?