Warped Epistemology


So many people are high on their religion. They’re delusional. They’re hallucinating. They say the stupidest things, and I remind myself, it’s okay, they’re just high. Some of them believe that they can’t know some things, after all, we never could hope to understand God’s reasons for why He lets bad things happen. That’s one extreme –denying the possibility of being sure about anything. The other extreme is equally nauseating. They think that they have everything figured out. They have God figured out, life figured out, and worst of all, that they have YOU figured out. It’s as if they’ve invented a typology indicator to tell them which of the seven deadly sins you’ve committed. Of course we must not leave out the multitudes in the valley of indecision, who are at neither extreme. These people will offer you endless hypotheses of answers which they will try to convince you are legitimate. There are so many options to choose from that they each find their own best fit. Religion can really warp an otherwise okay epistemology. Religion does not help us know, it only helps us cope with our lack of knowledge.

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