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Learner At Heart


Hello friends, fogies, freds¬†and fraggles! I’m finally getting around to updating you all. ūüėÄ

Here’s a buffet of my life for the last 48 hours:

This is a journal entry I wrote in the air.

This dirty city becomes farther and farther away from me as I rise up and up. I love the feeling. It’s funny how this feeling can terrify the person beside me, yet I’m loving it. The grunge of light pollution becomes an intricately knit tapestry. The city lights make the floor look like a chess board with orange and amber characters. I told a lady¬†onboard that they were like constellations on the ground. It’s true. They’re the lines and designs of a complex pattern. (and just like cities don’t spring out of nowhere, materialised by some giant pop then evolve into organised metropolises, it’s also hard to imagine galaxies forming themselves from a bang. Call it a lack of faith.) These cities getting farther and farther away from me are like embers strung together like pearls.
I love the upward¬†feeling. The long, sustained, rising sensation. It’s just like the magic a pointe dancer feels in each releve, but multiplied. I get higher and higher above the cities, who are so self-consumed, omphaloskeptic, if you will. I realise how much nicer everything else seems when you have a different perspective.
The angels carrying my plane are tiptoeing across the Atlantic, giving Poseidon some sort of Shiatsu.
I will admit to having caressed the outside of the plan upon boarding. Planes are beautiful creatures; -robust, yet elegant.
Now, with no more ground beneath me, and an ocean 10,000 miles down, I’m getting some stargazing in. There’s¬†SO many. Your chances of counting them are as good as counting the grains of powder in an “Instant Heaven! Add Water and Mix” package. When I see the sheer volume of stars, I begin to wonder why humankind has invented constellations.
Constellations DON’T exist outside our imagination. Deep within the human subconscious is the latent desire¬†to draw conclusions that aren’t there, to draw lines that simply don’t exist. To what purpose? To validate our self worth by being able to being able to explain a 3, 4, 5, or more dimensional issue in only 2 dimensions? Wow. Needless to say that you’ll lose a lot of information that way.

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Despite taking three gravol, I was unable to get any sleep on the 8 hour flight. I was employing ¬†all my mental techniques in order to¬†sleep, but, to no avail. So, at 1:00 in the middle of the night, we’re given breakfast according to local time, which was really only a midnight snack. Then, the sky is bright, and I’m feeling like it’s morning¬†et toute¬†ca va. The short flight from Paris to Geneva was really nice. My family picked me up at the airport, and I was so happy I couldn’t stop smiling. It was like an owl city concert moment relived, that’s how happy I was. I’m feeling really at home with them. The dad is so much like I am used to, full of life and making jokes. The first moment we got outside (it was cloudy) he told me they had no sun in Switzerland. I of course replied it’s because I didn’t bring the sun in my suitcase. Good times.

Being is Switzerland is going to be¬†very very¬†good for me. I can tell already. It’s going to help me gain more mental acuity. DON’T LAUGH. I need more mental acuity. Again, don’t laugh. This is brain work of the most rewarding caliber. It’s like in the talent code, the HSE effect when I realise. I can do this. FriG! I really can do this! I understand 90% of what they say when they speak semi-slowly and use simple French. It makes me so happy. I’m a learner at heart.