Ma Vie Est Parfaite!


Man, thank God for binaural beats! It’s just so hard to slow down at the end of the day. All the Diana Krall in the world doesn’t help me come down off these intense beta waves. It’s like my brain is going crush speed and I have no brakes. I may not have brakes, but at least I have mid-alpha waves!

I’m being very disciplined with myself. I speak French only, except when they don’t understand me, then they ask me to say it in English. Afterwards they explain to me how to say it in French. C’est bien. I say that so many times each day.

It’s also great to have an exchange partner who’s as language-savvy as she is. occasionally I will be looking for a certain word, and the German one shows up in my brain, or out of nowhere, the Spanish one comes.

It’s like having French words leaving footprints in the wet paint of your mind. As I email my family, blog, or even journal in English, my mind is grasping for each equivalent word in French. It’s impossible for me to type “in French” without thinking “en Francais” or “without” without thinking “sans”. Je pense que c’est bien pour moi. Thus, I apologize to everyone that my blogs might be macaronic for a little while, clogged with the French language. 😛 It does have a downside though, my English syntax is getting warped. I’ve gotta actually EDIT my blogs. 😛

Yesterday, we went to see the Chateau du Valere, and the Chateau Tourbillon! Oh my goodness. I took 198 photoes, and some videos. Now, this isn’t true of every generation, but, my thesis is: everyone chooses what their pet gadget will be. For me, it’s my camera. All day long, it seems, I’m saying “un instant s’il te plait!” and taking a photo here and there. Here the indigenous man-cubs are best friends with their phones. I don’t understand why, even though I know it’s the same in Canada, we’re all plugged in to our phones. I say “we” in a collective sense… 😛 Still, it seems like they live in the most beautiful place in the world, so texting is a greater sin here.

How is it even possible to be texting when you’re walking on the same stone path used centuries and centuries ago? When you’re approaching a massive stone castle? When google images becomes your very own Narnia? I just don’t get it.

I like it here. Everything is so different. It feels like I’m being sterilized, and put into an environment where everything runs so Swissficiently. So many things around the house just operate so BRILLIANTLY! Note to self: brilliant is different than bruillant. You just can’t tell the Swiss that their curtain is noisy. I won’t forget that one :/

Last night, as I stepped out of the restaurant, I looked up, thinking, WOW! STARS! But no, only the chalets on the mountainsides! Oup-la.

I knew Switzerland had mountains, but I just wasn’t prepared for this. I’m going to live here someday. I’m not kidding. Switzerland is everything I love about Canada, except the long roads without anything on either side. That’s what you travel to other countries for, I assume.

And there’s no Tim Hortons. My apologies to all the Canucks who are so proud of their Tim Hortons. (loaded with the icky stuff -techincal term) It’s so much better here. Every little coffee shop is pretty, original, unique, and serves high quality stuff. Capitalism is useful for keeping the quality high. Franchises suck compared to the little individual places. There’s just no comparison.

And the food. Ah mon Dieu.

The food.

The food is.

The food is so.

The food is so GOOD!

I’m really digging the mom-cooking deal. She makes so many different types of things.

And frig! I get my laundry done for me! I’m so royally spoiled! Ma vie est parfaite!

Okay. Brace yourself for this one. They clean their streets. They clean their streets. They clean their streets. It’s true. There’s even little garbage chutes as part of the sidewalks, and those operate as a central vac for the city. I know right?

The city is so nice. Because it is historic, they try to conserve the way it used to be, by having the streets at the centre of the city for people primarily. The cars can drive on them, but they know they have to go slow, and yield to people. Gosh, it’s so cool! There’s no lines! It’s just like the inner city is your back patio! The people are so nice, they talk to each other on the streets. I sneezed and a stranger told me “sante!” Wow!

I can’t stop smiling these days. I’ll be sitting in the car, just grinning away, for no apparent reason, I know.

I’m so blessed. My condolences go out to all the Canadian kids and their families. I’m very sorry for you. Please accept my most heartfelt condolences.


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  1. This Canadian kid begrudgingly accepts your heartfelt condolences. But I am so very envious of you.

    Don’t misunderstand me, for I know deep down that Canada is a great place. Wonderful, even. And I am extremely lucky to be here.

    That, however, doesn’t mean that I want to be here. I have been consumed with wanderlust for quite a few years, and seeing this post only convinces me more that it is my destiny to one day leave this boring place in which I currently call home and embark out into the unknown.

    Reading about your experiences in a whole new culture is incredibly inspiring. Your happiness and excitement leaps off the page. Very few people in their lifetime can say they have truly felt that their life was perfect, but here we are.

    I can only hope that one day I will have the means and the bravery to live in another country. A lot of the times when I think about my future and where I wish to be, I’m plagued with fear. What if I get lost? What about the language barrier? What if I need my mom?

    Other times, like when I’m sitting in history class listening to my teacher describe his endless adventures in other countries, I can only think one thing: I have to go there.

    And by “there” I mean everywhere. I have to go everywhere.

    I want to walk along streets that have been walked along for centuries. I want to see buildings that have been standing since before my great great grandparents were born. When I see places like this, only in pictures, I like to wonder who might have been there before me. What was their life like? What was their world like? Who were their friends? What did they do for fun? Old things always have a story to tell, and I want to know it.

    Travelling is an experience. But you aren’t just travelling, you are living. It’s strange to me how one plane ride can take a person to an entire new world. There are so many cultures out there and ways of living that we can barely imagine here in Canada.

    Though I know life isn’t always perfect, perfection is what we are trying to find. I’m not sure perfection exists, but you seem to have come close. I hope your life continues to be full of happiness and wonder.

    And I hope one day I’ll find a place that does the same for me.

    Kylie W.

    • Wanderlust, wanderlust, wanderlust! Oh I understand the sentiment! The pushing and pulling that happens inside of you as you’re afraid to stagnate in one particular place! I have only a small bit of advice to help you take the edge off your wanderlust as you start to pack more and more travel and experiences under your belt: we live in Canada – a very multicultural place. (not really where you’re going to school presently – I know…). When you’re put in situations where you can make new friends and acquaintances, push yourself beyond your normal boundaries and prejudices. Try to befriend people who are from completely different backgrounds as you, culturally/religiously. You’d be surprised how much pseudo-travelling you can pack into your life without even going anywhere!

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