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L’ecole et D’adventures


I love my music. My iTunes has 1505 songs, just my size, fits me perfectly.

Music is transportive. It can take us virtually anywhere, through time and space, over water and land. Bring your parachute. Just in case. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_s9hIs0wYFQ “You can finally fly, because you’ll be lighter than air.”

On a French radio station this morning, I heard Jason Mraz “I’m Yours”. I’m really surprised at the amount of English music here. Of course, I’m scatting along. I’m glad I didn’t need to explain the lyrics this time, like I sometimes do. They’ll be singing along with no idea about what it means. “You done done me, in your bed I felt it.” Yeah they have no idea, and I’d rather not explain. Especially the “Imma nibble your ear”. What am I going to say? Je mangerais tes oreilles? It’s just not a clean translation.

Here in Europe, “Hey Soul Sister” comes on the radio, and I’m brought back half a year in time. I’m at camp in the midst of people who I love. They’re singing the lyrics which they adapted for me and my sisters. At time point in time, we’re still the invincible four sisters. In body, not just soul. This song reminds me of last summer when Becky got hit by a car, and it was a shock. It made me realise how much she mattered to me. She was hit by a Ford F150, and knocked onto a usually busy road. She was able to keep her wits about her and quickly get off the road. The driver was a tea-bag who was under the influence of something or other. It was a close call. She only needed a few days off work to recuperate, but it could easily have been fatal. I remember wondering why she got hit by a car, but now, I’m really glad that it happened. It made me realise how fragile life could be, before that same conclusion would be brandished before my eyes. Hey soul sister, I don’t want to miss a single thing you do. Unfortunately I don’t have a choice.

Listening to Alan Parsons takes me back in time also. Just close your eyes and see what I see. It’s a place I know well. The sky is blue, the sun is shining. Your dad’s sexy Sport Nautique is gently rocking in the emerald water. You can hear the birds. You can hear the faint sound of people screaming as they jump off the rocks into the fresh water. Time is flowing like a river, and the eye in the sky is blue. It’s peaceful. You can hear your dad yawn. You can smell the coconut tanning oil. You can hear the loons calling. One of your tall friends comes on a seadoo and tells you to come to their cottage for a campfire. Carry on my wayward son[s].

Even now, as I sit outside in the sunshine, with my laptop, breathing in the warm Swiss air, I could be almost anywhere under this blue sky. Just a little Coldplay and I’m in Paradise. Among the #RABBITS. It’s an inside joke.

I don’t know if there’s anything more rejuvenating than nature and music combined. It’s so nice. The Swiss air is blowing in my hair. It’s so nice here, so warm. In Canada you tend to forget during the winter how nice it is to go outside in a sweater and sit in the sun, without your fingers even being cold. There’s no snow here. That is, you only have to drive 10 minutes up a mountain side to get snow. I’m loving it here. I love my music. I love my Switzerland.

This morning in the cafeteria, there was a cat outside the door. The students let him inside and he came in and amused us. He was a cutie.

I tried not to look too conspicuous when I was taking a picture of the garbage can in the cafeteria. This is awesome.

School is really amusing here sometimes, especially English class. English is my prof’s 3rd language, and it’s really quite good. Surprisingly, I’ve learned two new words which I didn’t know existed before now. Ironical and tragicomic. They’re self-explanatory, but I didn’t know they existed until now.

There are fewer bananas here, but that’s okay. I don’t really like bananas a whole lot unless they’re in muffins. They drink more apricot juice here than I am used to. I like it though. It’s better than orange juice in my opinion.

So in my room there’s a TV (called tele) and beside it my Piano. Lol. To think that the tv would get any sweet nothings from me.

Funniest part of my day:
Kid: what’s for supper?
Dad: Omelette
Kid: noooooooooooo
Dad: silence
Self: [looooooooooooollllll… mdr.] I adore omelettes!
[kid leaves little shreds of brown egg on plate. The Dad takes them and finishes them. My eyes are bigger than UFOs]
Self: you don’t eat the egg skin? It’s the best part.
They correct me, it’s not egg skin, but brown egg. [some rapid French ensues. I laugh when they laugh ’cause I’m pretty sure there was a joke in there somewhere…]Sometimes I think I’m more comical than I’m aware of, like once, I forgot the name for birds, and called them mini planes.

I got a bit of sun on my face yesterday. I was really happy about that. I’m really glad to ditch this Canadian snowman face. “We’ve got to hold on to what we’ve got. It doesn’t make a difference if we make it or not.” Bon Jovi, did you ever stop and consider the fact that your name means beautiful Jupiter?

This is my view, while all of my friends are pent up in an institution.

Sometimes when people are practising their English on me, they say the funniest things. I was told that Taylor Swift looks just like a mouse. Interesting.

kid: [throws clothes down the stairs] that’s for the wash Mom!

For the record, I really love having two parents in the same house. And it’s not hell either!

I had a religion class today. At least, that’s what my timetable said. Let me explain.
At first, I thought it was a sex ed class.
Then it just got weird. The powerpoint which the prof was using ranged in graphics from the Crucifix, to pictures of couples being married in Catholic churches, to slightly graphic couple pictures, complete with Bible verses. The prof was a charismatic old man who talked SO fast. I prefer the boring teachers who talk slowly. Finally I concluded that they were talking about sacrament of marriage. Still, I know French is my second language but I’m not stupid you know. I draw the line of bizarre when you want to prove that God exists because love exists on earth and God is love. It was the weirdest class I’ve ever been in, with the sole exception of Anthropology (discussing world ethics, like putting baby mice in wine, or eating eggs). I would say it was an epically failed religion/sex ed class.

There is a guy in my class who is six foot something, and very kind to me. Today, while on a stair higher than him, I patted him on the head and told him he was short.

t’s 16 degrees Celsius here. I love it. Earlier today it was 20. This is the best February I’ve ever had! My friends had a snow day, and I had to explain it to my family. They were surprised. You cancel the buses because it’s cold and you have snow? Yes. They cancel the buses sometimes in the spring and fall because it’s too hot. I know right? There’s going to be some real upsides to living here. If you want snow, there’s snow though, you just need to drive up a mountain to get it.

Here they don’t call Coca-Cola “coke” but “coca”. It makes SO much more sense, because then you KNOW you’re not talking about the drug. The aforementioned tall boy who was subjected to one of my heat-pats today was trying to test my traveller-gullibility by telling me, “oh yes! Cocaine’s legal here.”
Fortunately I’m sharp… “exactly like Canada.”

As I progress (slowly) through my Canadian homework, I’m learning what’s really behind aurora borealis. My dad told me when I was young that it happened whenever the sun burped. Now when I learn that it’s the sun’s solar winds interacting with the earth’s magnetic field, I do wonder if you could also interpret that as a heliobelch.