Daily Archives: March 5, 2012

Skinnies = Ubiquitous


Monday Morning. Eyes open. Face pointing to the front of the room. Brain is awake. Body is still asleep. Wee Willie Winkie runs through the town, waking up my cells while he’s in his night gown.

Yawn. Let the joy seep out my ears so it doesn’t stain my face indelibly. These days I’m just so happy. I was besieged by the laughs yesterday; I still don’t know why. It started when I tried to figure out the word for cupboard, and then tried to say cupboard in a French accent, and that didn’t go too well. From there it went downhill [skiing] because I couldn’t explain the humour [obviously because it wasn’t there]. Ex nihilo, the lolment appears. Pourquoi? Je ne sais pas.
I get into these long ruts of seriousness, intermittently alleviated solely by my dutiful lolment at the world around me. Then, out of nowhere, there’s an aperture in the wall between me and the world. The laughs pour in like confetti and I’m there with the dirt devil. There’s nothing which nature abhors more than a vacuum, that is, except a Pink Panther with a vacuum.

I £ovè àll thé° öf çööl thing§ öN the kezboàrd$ hérè. Now, see the keys around the one with the pound and dollar sign on it? If you press those keys with the shift down, it doesn’t just take the value of the top of the key like normal, it takes the value of the bottom of the key. It’s weird. Why is this keyboard written totally in English, even the sticker to the right [not shown] has English only on it, yet English doesn’t need these symbols. Another mystery in life.


Sometimes I’m astounded by the type of things people wear over here. Here guys (yes the tall ripped ones) will wear these strange knit sweaters. Half the time I wonder if they did their shopping in their grandma’s closet. No one wears boot cut jeans here. They’re non existent, but the skinnies, ubiquitous. Sometimes the girls wear ABSURD skinny jeans, like mustard coloured ones that come up to your rib-cage level. I also saw a pair of forest green ones, with suspenders. I mean, who ever told you that even looked okay? It’s also much more common for the teachers to wear jeans over here, but not weird ones. I don’t know why.

Brace yourself.
There’s actually two that I’ve seen in my school. Yep. My school has at least two grand pianos. It’s true. I haven’t died and gone to heaven. I’m not on any new drugs. I actually have two grand pianos in my school.

My brother tells me that he was awake at 3:00 in the morning, because he was thirsty. He [apparently] saw me sitting at the kitchen table, I had walked up stairs [I guess]. That was weird. Somehow because of the language barrier I thought he was telling me about a dream he had. When I figured out that no, it wasn’t a dream, he was up in the night, and claimed to see me sleep walking, I was surprised. I still don’t believe him. Me? Are you kidding me? This is the girl who never even wakes up in the night. I sleep soundly. The maximum I ever do at night is turn over. I do my complicated tossing and turning before I fall asleep. My door was shut when I woke up though, so if I was walking around in the night, I must have been cognizant enough to have closed it. I don’t remember anything of the sort. I don’t remember dreaming anything. It’s really really really weird. I still hesitate to believe him. Me? Sleepwalk? NEVER! He says next time he’ll take a picture, but he didn’t this time because it freaked the living daylights out of him. Actually, now that I reach into the recesses of my auditory memory, I realise that I have no idea whether or not my door was shut this morning. It probably was open, because I bear no recollection of the clicking sound I hear every morning when someone comes and wakes me up. I think I would know if my mom opened it this morning before she woke me up. It probably was open, but I’m going to ask her. Not gonna lie, it’s really strange. My sister tells me it’s just like the story Heidi when she starts sleepwalking because she misses her home. I don’t think so. You will recall it’s because she wants to live in the mountains.

I saw this on the street today. My camera is my best friend, and I whizzed him out in time to catch this. This is an electic car. It was so cute! And the buses here look just like Pingu, I swear!

Yesterday afternoon I went for a walk with my Papa and my Frere. It was beautiful. The air was so warm. Being Canadian, you forget how nice it is to walk outside in the brilliant sunshine in without a coat or even a sweater. We walked through the vineyards for an hour. It wasn’t like you think, between neat rows of vines. It was more like walking in a microcosm of Machu Picchu. We walked the paths that are used by vineyard workers in the spring-summer-fall season. On one side there’s canals which are used to water the vineyards. On the other side, there’s the vineyards: 12-15 feet down, because we walk on the ridges along the outside. Sometimes the path was as narrow as a foot and a half, but most often it was a little over 2 feet wide. “Are you afraid of heights?” they ask me. “No, not at all!” Gosh I love how optimism counteracts my good reason sometimes, but if you let yourself be afraid, you run a greater risk of losing your balance. My gymnastic beam training was coming back to me. Focus. The words of the Karate Kid were coming back to me: “Your focus needs more focus.”
It was beautiful though. When we got back, the dad mentioned offhandedly that that’s where he runs every day. 3 times through that circuit, in one hour. Saint Ebenezer. wow. But it’s so beautiful. I feel like I’m in Letters to Juliet. There’s nothing like it. This is the view.

She said, “I was eying you from afar, from a star. I watched you from someone’s car, the glare of light in that person’s rear view. When the wind blows it means that I’m near you.”
You’re not one to dash from your inner beast. Besides, I asked you for chivalry. You have what you’ve given me.