I periodically get these “I LOVE MY FAMILY” moments. It happens when my Papa comes and checks in with me when he comes home from work, asking me about my day. It happens when my sister and I are eating chocolate-filled croissants in Migros. When my brother is explaining to me how Swiss people cut their toenails. It happens when my Maman is reprimanding me about the swiss way to flush toilets. I’m really liking picking up newer better habits. I might come back to Canada with shock about how lousily some things are done. Everything here is thought through. It’s brilliant. I have no qualms about conforming to Swiss mannerisms, habits, the whole deal. I’m so down. I’m becoming Swiss in all the ways I possibly can. This is the land of the clean and the home of the brilliant. Take me in Switzerland.

Shopping excursion today was as follows:

[in the mall]
self: [to friend] I don’t fit any of the jeans here!
Friend: Because all the girls here are twiggy, and a Swiss large is the same as a Canadian small.
self: [tries on white ones] Houston we have a solution!
Friend: Isn’t that a little impractical? Those are gonna be really hard to keep clean.
Self: ARE YOU KIDDING ME I GET MY LAUNDRY DONE FOR ME! For once in my life I’m willing to take the risk of white jeans.
Friend: Never thought of that. The luxury here hasn’t set in for me either.

On facebook:
Self: why why why are we Canadian chicks built like transport trucks?
Guy-friend [yes one that I have a marriage planned with] Because God knew he wanted to make them as sexy as the Canadian males.
Self: [thinking to self] They claim there’s a reason for everything.

I think I’ve grown relatively calloused to the amount of things which are blamed on God.
Why do we think God wants credit for all the stuff we do? All the stuff we dream up? God told me this. God told me that. This is God’s will. This is God’s work. These are God’s thoughts. The most priceless one: this is God’s word. I know I’m sounding relatively humanist when I go in this direction, but humans create most of their own problems, and they also have to figure out their own solutions. You choose what you decide to call true, and that’s usually based on whatever you happen to feel. [does anyone else find that a bit disturbing or is it just me?] Whatever donkey you decide to pin the God-tail on is your choice.

To put it in the words of the one and only Blimey Cow [who I revere wholeheartedly] “God does NOT want credit for all the stupid things you do! LEAVE HIM OUT OF IT!” Oh I love you Blimey Cow.

It all start with Hoborg. A Being who HAD to create. BECAUSE! He had to. Klogg go all stinky bad. Frozen solid. What a pity.

Point of Shock:
[at supper table]
kid: [pours cheese onto spaghetti] oh no! It’s blue! [mutter mutter mutter something in french]
dad: [switches plate & mixes the cheese in, proceeds to eat the kid’s food] See? The blue’s gone away.
me: [eyes as wide as the rings of saturn] whoa.
There are so many different things in the world.

The other day I was taking a picture of the wall inside my school, because it was painted really COOL. Then, ex nihilo, my two tall class buddies show up and jump into my photo. [j’adore] I sent the photoe to my sisters for review. “darn cute for their age”. I’d agree, if I had struck a vein of honesty. Earlier this week, I had a physics lab. There were 12 seats. People were working in twos. I was the 13th person. I told my prof, “I have no idea what I’m doing”. He addresses the class, “Who wants an extra in their group?” My two tall class buddies: “here! here!” They’re kind to me.

Today I saw a pink car. It was so cute!

This week I explained to my class the political system of Canada. I was up at the front of the room talking in French for almost twenty minutes. My prof kept asking me questions about the laws in the territories for the indigenous people, and other questions regarding the Queen. I think I gave really non-specific answers to cover for my complete knowledgelessness in that area. People tell me I did well, but I think they’re just being nice. My French can be really atrocious at times. I run out of ways to say things. Bref. They say I have a really wide vocabulary. What they don’t know is I’m just speaking a different type of English. SO many of the words are the same, except sometimes I run into brick walls when it doesn’t work out so well. 😛

This is the moon last night. I thought about all my Canadian friends, still stuck in school, confined in an institution while I’m the one who gets to inhale the sky. I love it here.


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