Daily Archives: March 8, 2012

One of Us cannot be wrong


I swear, there’s a little Leonard Cohen for everything in life, “Grocer of Despair” though he be.

Dear Weather: The wind moves everything  and then stops  but my pen  keeps on writing  by itself.

Dear former crush:
I heard of a saint who had loved you, so I studied all night in his school.
He taught that the duty of lovers is to tarnish the golden rule.
And just when I was sure that his teachings were pure he drowned himself in the pool.
His body is gone, but back here on the lawn, his spirit continues to drool.

Dear Secret Admirer[s]
As for me, all I ever learned from love was how to shoot at someone who outdrew you.

Dear Religion: You can add up the parts, but you won’t have the sum, You can strike up a march on your little broken drum, but I’ll stand before the Lord of song, with nothing on my tongue but a hallelujah.

Dear 21st century advancement:
Each man
has a way
to betray
the revolution.
This is mine.

This song never gets old for me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iels3GLw-zs
I lit a thin green candle, to make you jealous of me.
But the room just filled up with mosquitos, they heard that my body was free.
Then I took the dust of a long sleepless night and I put it in your little shoe.
And then I confess that I tortured the dress that you wore for the world through.

I’ve figured out the genius behind Leonard Cohen’s poetry: he just picks himself end rhymes, and then fills the lines in with whatever is flying between his ears.

Ok enough about Leonard Cohen.

The sky is beautiful tonight! The stars are so close and true that you want to reach out and touch them. It’d be kind of like sticking your fingers in an electrical outlet, but, no pain no gain right?

My biggest problem in the whole world right now is that there’s a full moon, and my camera is out of battery. Patience self, patience! She’s peeking out from behind the clouds, and the mountainsides are getting back their long lost moon-tan. I think.

My camera was so run-down that it had forgotten how old it was. I needed to reprogram the date and time.

The sky is literally like a king-sized bed, upside down. Someone sprinkled jelly beans all over it. I’m a little tired, and a little cold, and when I’m outside, I want to curl up in it and be warm. I want to be up there flying in my sleep. Reality is the snake clenched in my left hand, and only in my sleep do I let her slither around.

I have a separate problem. I chronically laugh to myself for no apparent reason. I think it’s because I think too much. I start to have a narration of my surroundings which is far more hilarious than the real thing.

Today I went rock wall climbing in my gym class. Yep, altogether five feet for me. My courage was on the other side of the room looking over the mountains with a sense of velleity. For that activity, I scored a whopping 3 out of 6. Please bear in mind that you need a 4 out of 6 to pass here.

Honestly, I think if Jesus was a human in our era now, he would be like that brown haired guy who wears those big white wooly knit sweaters which just scream HUG ME I’M TALL AND FUZZY! He’d be the same guy trying to convince you to climb higher on the wall of trepidation. I love that voice. It’s so deep, so profound it could make the ground purr. Whenever he speaks, I forget to make sense of the words, like a sugary storm I’ve overheard. The words will whirl, and swirl, but the meaning won’t transfer. There’s no cure for the curdles in my brain matter, where the thoughts scatter, would you repeat that monsieur?