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And They Say Time Travel Is Impossible!


If I ever had a single doubt about whether or not I’m going to live here in the future, it just got solved.
Look closely: Lausanne Conservatory of Music: Classique & Jazz. That’s all I need to know.

The Conservatory here was founded by the violin maestro Tibor Varga. People come from around the world to study here.

I had an experience of the best calibre today. My exchange partner and some friends went to a bar after school today, as a Friday thing. I went along. Good times. Boy, if I was given a trip to the Cathedral for every time someone offered me alcohol, I would be a saint. After three and a half hours of that, I was doing fine, but my [wise] partner decided it was a good idea for her to call her dad to pick me up. He was going to arrive in 30 minutes. I had been fatigued a little by all the noise in the bar, so I asked her if it was okay if I took a walk around. She was a little worried and made me promise I wouldn’t get lost. For sure I didn’t. I knew where I wanted to go. I first went to the Cathedral. I didn’t know if it would be open, but I pushed open the big wooden door, and saw that there was some sort of ceremony going on. For the life of me I’m still not too sure why they’d have a mass-like something on a Friday night. Anyhow, there were two sets of doors, first the wooden ones, then other glass ones. I backed out and left, because I didn’t want to intrude on something so tranquil and graceful. I went to the Eglise right beside it. It was empty, so I walked in and sat down, four rows from the front, on the right hand side. I stayed there for at least 7 minutes without moving a muscle. Who knows, maybe it was more like 12 minutes, I lost track of time. I just sat and thought. I got up eventually, only because I heard bells ringing outside and I wanted to hear them better. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqG4ZLrmiQ0&feature=youtu.be Watch this, and see the lampposts turn on. It’s beautiful. I stood there, listening to them, and also people were exiting the Cathedral. I waited a bit, until a little after the bells had ceased, and then went inside. I was not prepared for what I was about to hear, and gracefully whispered under my breath, wow what the hell … where did that come from? Why did I say that? I have no idea. This is a church. We use churchy words here. Wondrous. Marvelous. Glorious. Anything else… No one gave me the heads up that I would hear Gregorian chanting. I didn’t get the memo that I would witness one of the most unique historical sounds. They told me time travel was impossible. It was so beautiful. They were at the front of the Cathedral, sitting in the wooden places which I took photoes of earlier. It was incredible. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzAQq1-0tjU&context=C45c5156ADvjVQa1PpcFOknWanIoSbANxi8-FrG87fDFlA_oil_BY= Needless to say, that was the best part of my day. I think. Oh it’s so hard to choose!

Their dad came and got me, [left her there] and took me and my brother out for pizza. He showed me their stone oven for it. It was not made of bricks, just one big wall of stone with a fire oven in it. SO COOL. They also eat their pizza a little different here. You’re given a different type of knife, and yes, you eat it with a fork and knife. Whoever invented slices was obviously a franchisee. It was so good. I had pineapple, peaches, and gorgonzola on mine. The pizza here is thinner, and it’s bigger than the size of a normal big plate. After that we went for a walk around the town, through the quaint little streets which I adore. That’s when I saw the conservatory for classical and jazz.

Another really cool part of me day happened to be in my most droll class: Accounting. I was writing a poem. I usually try to avoid that. It’s better for me to keep listening to my surroundings. However, the people were just working away and the teacher was at the front of the class doing nothing, so I caved. The girl beside me was interested in what I was doing and wanted to read it. I happily let her, warning her it was in English. She asked me if she could translate it into French. [ ? Is this a question? Of course you can! ] All my buddies really liked it.

This is my view of the sky tonight. I love it.

Today my Art Class was a significant improvement on last week’s. I don’t think I belong to the Hobbes’ savage category anymore.

It was the epitome of happiness-elixers just listening to Owl City for 45 minutes solid. I’ve got the leprechaun treasures pouring into my soul. I like being able to listen to music in art class. In no other classes are we ever allowed to listen to music. So called “work periods” just don’t exist here. There’s also no movies, really, except for one we watched in French class, which was an adaptation of the literature we’re studying: Les Liaisions Dangereuses. That was awkward in its own way, especially the explicit points. But there’s no pointless movie watching, like The Princess Bride as a means of teaching Canadian pop culture. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that one. I doubt if there’s ever a decent reason to watch The Princess Bride.

This is the finished product:

Another thing that made me extremely happy today was seeing FLOWERS in the grass! In March, I know!