Daily Archives: March 10, 2012

God I love Moms


God I love moms. I love how mine strides through the stores in her high heels, and how people part out of the way when she’s walking. I like how she’s tightly wound and slightly impatient. I like how she’s always on a mission, making something happen. I love how she has that special balance between elegance and kid-expertise. I love hearing her and her husband fighting in the kitchen, because it doesn’t last. They sort things out. Today she hugged me, for two and a half minutes it seemed. I made myself not cry. It’s a skill I’ve had to perfect. But oh God I love moms. It wasn’t the first time I blinked it all back today, also in the grocery store. This morning we went shopping. It was fun. We went to exchange the watch that my family gave me for another that fit better. We also went grocery shopping. I like grocery shopping with moms. It’s fun. The way they sell produce here is really quite brilliant. You fill your bag like usual, then take it to a weighing machine. You enter the number of the type it is, and it prints a little sticker for your bag with the price and bar code on it. I can think of a lot of my friends who work at grocery stores, and how this would save them a lot of headaches, and joint problems… I’m being facetious.

I love Switzerland so much. When I planned to go on a student exchange, I was fully aware that the time of year in Switzerland would include melty muddy weather, but it’s been BEAUTIFUL. It’s sunny almost every day, and ranges from 15-20 degrees in the daytime. As I blog right now, I’m catching some rays on their patio. I’m really glad to live in the generation of laptops and wifi.

I miss my ukulele so much. The other day I walked by a music store which had a purple and a blue ukulele in the window. sigh.

I had my first glass of champagne tonight! It was AWESOME. I felt so classy. I loved just standing and holding a glass of champagne like the adults. It was the most incredible feeling. It was that I’m not another scummy teenager feeling. I swear, I will hold my own, know my name, and go my own way.

It was like a 1/4 of the feeling I felt when I got baptised. It’s like putting on the jersey. It’s like stepping onto a stage. It was like a Welcome to the age where you’re no longer considered a nuisance. Feels good, folks.

I want to be taken seriously. I want people to know that when I say something, I mean it. I want it to be obvious that I think things through before I do things. [I believe it could be this behavior pattern which sometimes separates me from my elders?] I really want to be taken seriously.

I really get fed up with being grouped into an age bracket of people whose prefrontal cortexes haven’t developed sufficient behavioural judgment!

I also got adopted by a grandpa today. You know, I think when I’m a little tired, I’m really able to pull off the “I’m about to cry right about now” look. I was telling their grandpa (who’s so great. Gosh, he’s hilarious…) about how 5 months ago, my last Grandpa died, and I miss him. Later he asked me, “Do you want to be my grand-daughter?” (in both English and French – in case I didn’t get it). Now I have a grandpa. Yay! My life is awesome.

The same dad who poured me my first glass of champagne, also poured San Pellegrino on his son’s head too. I love this family. No, a little more accurately, I pretty much adore this family! The other day my dad brought me linzer tort on the couch, telling me, “it’s okay, mom’s not here, otherwise you’d have to eat at the table… She doesn’t need to know!” (mdr) I also drank some Limoncello today. It’s made in Italy, it’s a sort of lemon liqueur. I figured that it was as close to Italy as I might get in a few years.

My day was really full of a bunch of new things. I also ate duck for the first time. I start to realise how many things I really have never done before. It makes me want to live outside the box on a more regular basis.