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Because Easter is just around the corner, there were rabbits up on people’s lockers. ūüėÄ I love Switzerland, because people give each other chocolate. I don’t remember if it’s like that at my school or not.


They have gummy mice here! They’re so cute!

Because it’s the last day of school for 10 days, (YES WE GET AN AWESOME BREAK OFF FOR EASTER. CATHOLICISM¬†REALLY AIN’T THAT BAD) we had an event¬†day, called¬†“Maturist¬†day” because the seniors of the school run it every year. It was the most epic hybrid of Kakeka¬†Awana¬†Scholarship Camp/Senior Youth at Joy or Graphite¬†Bible Camp/Superkids. The whole school dressed in three colors. Depending on what class you were in, you wore either red, green, or blue. I was porting green. We went from place to place doing the randomest things. From drinking innominate liquids, going through courses blindfolded, field games and other stuff like that, to seeing videos and shows, it was a great time.

This was one of the slogan posters which my team had.

Today I saw a spectacle. I forget the English term. A theatrical presentation of about 30 minutes. Can you believe I co-founded a group in my school for that very purpose and now I’m blanking on the word for it. PERFORMANCE! Voil√†!¬†Google¬†Translate.¬†Mon meilleur¬†ami! The actors were only high school drama students, and they didn’t articulate very well. I understood none of it, only the words here and there. Having said that, I was especially attuned to the music of the production. I was chilled when they used the Song from a Secret Garden. Music is a language too. Don’t be fooled.

I realised again how musically illiterate some people can be. People were singing along to LMFAO’s¬†Sexy and I know it. I’m pretty sure the title is all they know of the lyrics. They’re so innocently chanting, “gurlukadabody¬†gurlukadabody”. It’s unfair to expect them to know what they’re singing, especially when you get to the wiggawiggawiggawiggawiggawiggawigga¬†part. Let me introduce you to the word “wiggle”. See the video for context.¬†Witness the degradation of the English language and the English music industry. Actually maybe it’s better you don’t. Keep the food in your stomach down there.

I wish it was possible to exterminate music. There should be some sort of standard music needs to adhere to or else face criminal charges. There should be a threshold which music needs to pass in order to be allowed into airspace. I can think of criteria:

1) Needs to have come into contact with a musical instrument.

Oh oops there goes all our LMFAO.

I can just see a band debuting as ROFL: New Name! Same great sound!

We watched a student-created video. It was *amusing*. I got a brand new dose of the European mindset. It was unique. There was this point when there were three guys doing a car wash to the ‘sexy and I know it’ theme,¬†wearing solely these detestable fluorescent green I-don’t-even-want-to-know-whats. Why does music drive people to do stupid things? I mean, is it okay for males to avoid on the fluorescent spandex? I find it particularly stomach turning. The other Canadian girl and I were talking about it afterwards (because she’s a student council rat like me) and we both agreed that if this went on at our schools, they’d be suspended. I think at my school they’d be suspended, however, hers is more strict, and they’d probably be expelled, she says. You just–you just have to wear clothes. It’s a cardinal rule. I guess not in Europe.

LMFAO¬†needs a lesson or two regarding¬†publicity. If you’re making your voice heard. SAY SOMETHING WORTH HEARING. I’m not finished, but I am stopped.

I’m going to Zurich for the weekend, and leaving behind my computer. Goodbye cruel world (of cyberspace).

Sometimes I wonder why my love of being in front of people lands me in weird places. I’m due to present for my French class the story of my great grandfather’s escape from Russia. Oh boy.

Today my exchange partner corrected a text I’d written in a hurry. There were 34 mistakes. Out of 65 words, that’s a solid 52% defected. This is another reminder that I need to think things through. ALWAYS. Before I talk. Before I write.