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This is a very condensed, non-illustrated pocket edition of my weekend. Good grammar: you wont find it here, not at this train station, but maybe in the next ville.

Good Friday:
Drove to a train station with my French Papa. We got there 25 minutes earlier so we sat in a coffee shop eating croissants and he had coffee and I had hot chocolate. It came with a little marshmellow. I took it out of its package and put it in the top of my hot chocolate. His eyes got wide and then he explained to me, “celui-la est un bonbon, il faut mettre pas dans ta boisson! J’ai jamais vu ça.” We Canadians do weird things. Why put marshmellows in our hot chocolate? Now that I’ve figured out that they don’t do that here, I’m not going to do it again.

When I arrived in Zurich, I met my amigo. We had a grand time together this weekend. Swiss-German ladies who can make and carry out detailed plans with their typical Swissficiency: YES

I think I’ve figured out how to ride Swiss trains immaculately well now. After doing Bern, and now Zurich, I think I understand their nature. Each station has a meeting point, and also a big board which tells you what you need to know. Note: gleis = platform. There’s 18 different platforms in Zurich.

It’s  beautiful city, we walked around it and I took pictures of the beautiful buildings. We took a boat on the Zurich River and Lake.
We stumbled upon a Passionkonzerte = Markus Passion – Carl Phillip Emanuel Bach 2 hours long… It’s really beautiful, no microphones, just the resonance in an European Cathedral. the whole time I was being puzzled by the German pamhplet. Supposedly 1 fagott in the orchestra. (only?) couldn’t see the whole orchestra but was trying to deduce the English word for it.  REALLY NEED to adopt the English equivalent into our modern speech and start calling people bassoons. #HANDY

Appenzell: lots of CUTE houses with lots of hills, very green. SHEEP and cows. Bought cheeze, called Appenzeller. People = friendly, and speak English. Saw a museum. This little village is one of the only places in the world where people vote by raising their hands. They gather in the town square once every year on the last sunday in April to vote on their political issues. This is the style of democracy which is very direct. It dates back to the 13oos. 

I saw St. Gallen. BEAUTIFUL.
I forget how many churches/cathedrals I saw on Saturday. I lay in bed that night wondering. It’s worse than forgetting how many drinks you’ve had. Uh, gee, I wonder how many churches I saw today. I still don’t know. I need to go through my photos and figure it out.
We had been walking by a church where we heard music coming out, so we decided to peek in the back. There was another Passionkonzerte happening, this time J.S. Bach. The lady let us in without paying admission, saying, “it’s almost finished anyways, it’s the last act”. Yeah, over an hour later, the last act had picked up its bags and finished.

There was one church I went to in the evening. It was by far the biggest most amazing cathedral I have seen yet in Switzerland. Because it was the evening before Easter Sunday, there was a worker there who was preparing things for some sort of mass the next day. There were massive gates meant to keep people out of the front part, because there was a LOT of stuff behind them. Gilded EVERYTHINGs. I think the Catholic’s must be fond of their interior design. It’s fierce. The worker who had been running around putting candles in the places had left a small gate a crack open. I silently pushed it open and went inside. I listened for footsteps and avoided them. I saw EVERYTHING back there. It was awesome! Then he found me, said something fast in German and pointed to the gate. I quickly apologized with the big sincere owl eyes that only I can generate at will. He was friendly to me and pardoned the offense with a genial smile. The whole time I KNEW that I wasn’t supposed to be there. I mean, you don’t just build 15 feet tall green and gold gates which enclose the whole front of a church where you keep all of your gold historical pieces for no reason.

Went to church in German. I can sing in German, when I see it projected on the wall. I am able to because the German approach to songwriting is a little different than English. In English, we’ll put any number of syllables in a small amount of space. Although it was a young band, with modern music, the songs still had that rigid hymn-like approach to melodisyllabic distribution.

I went to Germany. I saw Konstanz, and the Lac Bodensie/Lac du Constance. I was able to see the alps of Austria also. I climbed the 200-step tower of the Cathedral there with my 66 year old amigo. She has way more energy than me. I am a little bit afraid of Swiss ladies sometimes. At the end of the day, I’m exHAUSTed. She’s still chirping and churning, like a Swiss clock.