When Saturn wants cotton candy, he pours galactic sugar into the eye of the storm in Jupiter’s atmosphere.

When volcanoes sneeze they grow sky-mustaches.

When earthquakes want more attention for their christlike behaviour, they turn over tables.

When Mars gets tired of mooning the earthlings, he puts on the asteroid belt.

When Pluto was told he wasn’t a planet, he went and sucked his thumb with one of his oort cloud homies who replied, “I’ll be charon your pain with you.”

When tornadoes get laid off, they hide in sealed rooms making the air stale.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope you have enjoyed this science tutorial, one of a kind in its multi-splendored witticisms, originally crafted by my somewhat warped mind.

You’ve received a Message from a TELUS phone. For more information on TELUS Mobility’s Picture or Video Messaging, visit telusmobility.com/snap.

If you don’t hear or see the file, download the Quick Time player.


Vous avez reçu un Message d’un téléphone TELUS. Pour obtenir plus d’information sur la messagerie photo ou vidéo de TELUS, allez à telusmobilite.com/clic.

Si vous ne voyez ni n’entendez le fichier, veuillez télécharger QuickTime.


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