Daily Archives: September 15, 2012



As I stand and wait for the Owl City concert to begin, I find it to be a good time to update you all. There’s a gooey couple standing in front of me, taking selfies, and I am amusing myself putting bunny ears behind their heads. The guy beside me is laughing so hard at their oblivion. 😀

Owl City demographics are always hillarious: there’s 2/3 females between 12 and 20, then there’s the boyfriends who are earning their points, there’s the middle aged dads who’ve brought their tween daughters 🙂 which is always cute. Then there’s always one or two elderly ladies. I mustn’t forget to acknowledge the presence of our flaming young men.

I love Owl City so much. He’s such an awkward child, but he’s so endearing. It’s funny, someone mentioned something on twitter about him having a girlfriend, which may or may not be true, but regardless, it’s hillarious watching all my incoming texts explode in anxiety… priceless.

This is a picture of the boy band that opened for Adam Young tonight. 🙂

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