Occupational Hazards and Life Updates


It’s been a while since my last post. My blogging has gone underground into my journals, where my alternate vocabulary and multicoloured content can stay safely hidden instead of spread around like manure.

So how’s my life, what have I been up to?

-maintaining my vocational awesomeness, as always

-basking in the glories of my newly aquired singleness πŸ˜€

-listening to increasing amounts of symphonic metal πŸ˜€

-plunging forward through vocal lessons. Sweet Isis the progress I’m making is unreal.

-school is going well. I’m keeping my surroundings organized. When they think there’s a b5 in lydian I remind them in no uncertain terms it is a #4. The same key on the piano is NOT the same note. Or if they claim to be enjoying the classical music being played. Nope. It’s baroque thanks. I’m a little snot sometimes.

-finding better comebacks for when a guy tells me I’m looking too sexy for a monday morning. That’s just invasive, but I know how to handle these things. It’s an occupation.

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  1. It is a both rare and admirable talent, that you are able to keep such high spirits throughout the day to day, enjoying the little things you do. The fact that you can find such enjoyment out of the simple everyday should be commended, so I am commending it. Life is not something that will flow easily, as if it were somehow perfectly scripted, we-more than-not miss the opportunities to fill life with just the right words and clever quips when presented with opportunity; much like when being told that you look “Too sexy for a Monday morning.” The important thing is to not dwell on the opportunities missed, but focus on those still ahead of us that we can see, such as a new found availability or even a b5 in lydian. Opportunities for contentment and even happiness can be found in the everyday.
    -Caleb W

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