Such a Nice Day


It’s such a nice day today. The sun is gently coming in my window, and I’m reminded of the words of a Messiah, “the truth will set you free”.

It’s such a nice day to wake up with an uncluttered mind. To remember that your parents tried to raise you to think for yourself, and well, this may not have been what they were expecting.

It’s a nice day to not blame whatever unfair things that have happened to you on God. It’s a nice day to not have to believe you need your head covered for the sake of the angels. It’s a nice day to not believe your chances of salvation were through childbearing. It’s a nice day to not condemn those who wear synthetic fabrics, eat pork, or are attracted to the same gender. It’s a nice day to know I can pull out my lunch and eat with a friend of mine who is Hindu, and not care that Paul tells me not to.

It’s a great day to not feel threatened by science. In as far as science seeks to know the truth, I will remain very fond of it and curious to know it. And furthermore, it’s a great day to not see Adam and Eve as anything more than literary archetypes symbolizing the historical assumption that women are to be blamed for the downfall of the whole human race. That women are more prone to deception than men. Not being prone to deception begins with questioning ill-founded beliefs. And rejecting them when you find them baseless.

And I have only begun.

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  1. The way you take a simple and overlooked statement like “it’s such a nice day” and turn it into such a thought provoking analysis of global societal condition is inspiring. People utter this phrase daily with little meaning other than the weather being up to standards and such; however after reading this post I have come to view the meaning of the idea in far more depth.
    While reading this post my mind was broadened past the simplistic translation of this statement and opened to the ways that people can simply wake up in the morning and think of all the positivity hidden behind the dark aspects of society within the world we presently face. Each day bring new possibilities, new adventures, and each day has just as much potential as the last; so each day truly is such a nice day to do whatever, and be whoever you want.
    The potential for greatness within each day is what I took from this post, and the inspiration to enlighten the parts of my cluttered brain that see negativity in the face of each rising sun is what I have gained from it. There has always been, and will continue to be endless worldly issues regarding society and the behavior of humans, however each day is in its own way a nice day, and each day has the potential to be a great day if we allow ourselves to think of the positive aspects of life such as “the sun gently coming through the window” and use these thoughts to guide our minds for the remainder of that day.
    I found this post extremely inspirational, and although it brings to light many ongoing societal issues, I see it as much needed tough love towards society in hopes that someday these negative aspects of life will be nonexistent.

  2. This statement has a very lovely optimistic air to it while maintaining the reality that while life is beautiful we’ve been through a lot as a race to get to this point of acceptance. This said, I think we also need to consider that this is the case in Canada, but not necessarily in the rest of the world. Even in our closest neighbour, the United States, not all of this rings entirely true. Stating the obvious, the homosexual people there can surround themselves with people who won’t care and will accept them, but that doesn’t change the fact that in most states legitimizing their relationship is illegal. Also, who there may not feel they MUST cover their heads, but those who choose to often come under a lot of critism; called terrorists, or anti-feminists, or uneducated. On a more global spectrum, in China and India, women are still valued largely for their ability to bare children (and more specifically sons). Perhaps not for salvation, but it is still a huge issue to them. In many Middle Eastern countries women are still going uneducated and considered property of their husbands. There are still plenty of wars over religion, and even debates about it within more “modern, foreward thinking” countries. Even in Canada, as an Atheist, if I tell people I have a very Christian friend they judge her for it, and judge me for being around someone so “close minded” (although she really isn’t).
    Now… I really don’t mean to be a pessimist. I mean, I am extremely thankful for the advances we’ve made, and I think Canada is doing really, really well in these aspects, but I don’t think we’re entirely there yet; I don’t think we should rest on our laurels and think we’re out of the problems yet. We should be thankful, but we should continue to work towards an even better future.

    • Very thought-provoking, Stephanie! It’s true – we’ve got room for improvement but overall there’s a lot to be thankful for. Wow am I vague or what? 😉

  3. I would say this is a pretty good article/post thing you’ve got here. I like how you have pointed out how awesome the world is these days and how many opportunities there are for people. Also your view on how less people are being judged is also good as it goes to show how much freedom has been maintained since the initial post-dinosaur days.
    It’s also cool how a lot of the post seems to be filled with subtle contempt in an attempt to slap the narrow-minded across the face. It’s often good to show restraint so that people can slowly but surely get the joke and then be amused by it later. Plus, its nice to see that your not just defending the minorities as there may have been a bit too much of that lately (puts up shield to avoid the incoming rocks). Though in all seriousness that point helps to make the article inclusive and make sure that everyone receives equal treatment and more importantly deserved it.
    Also your point about going against past beliefs is something I can respect. I often try to think outside the box when it comes to certain things as I just happen to feel that certain philosophies are not appropriate or other ones are just more interesting or better.
    Also the final line implies that there is still a long way to go before everyone gets fair treatment which I believe is wise since the world always needs to be aware of the fact that things need to get better and not delude itself into thinking otherwise. You clearly have a firm grasp on this concept given what you wrote here and in some of the wacky writings elsewhere on this blog. Anyway, this was a great post that made me think a little and hopefully it will do the same for others, though clearly it has done so already.

    • Subtlety is DEFINITELY an art! I appreciate the fact that you caught on – that’s something one simply can’t rely on these days…
      I’ve done a bunch of thinking recently on what ‘thinking outside the box’ actually entails, and what prevents us from it. Often people don’t want to change their mind too quickly about things because they might look wishy washy or unstable in their mindset. However, what I find more appealing than this is the idea of being a person who’s constantly aligning herself to new information. This is a mindset which has prevented me from having firm opinions about a lot of things. I don’t know what I think about a lot of things, but I have two open ears and a mind that’s looking for new information to extricate out the tangles of human opinion!
      Glad to know you enjoyed my post, Boris!

  4. I could not agree more. People are people no matter what religion or theory they believe in. It should be a right to be able to converse with the people you want to, and not to feel threatened because of their religion.
    Science does test a lot of theories of God and Gods, but why can’t we all just accept that the earth is the perfect habitat for us to live in and bask in its beauty.
    We should be more appreciative of the gifts given to us, whether by nature or by a God, because both ways, without the earth, we wouldn’t be here to test it.
    People are people, no matter what religion they practice. We all eat food, we all drink water, and we all breathe air. That’s all that should matter.
    Your parents didn’t raise you to be a horrible person. They raised you so you could be the best person that you could possibly be. That is the one thing we all have in common. We all want to be good people. And what a nice day to be a wonderful person on this world, with our many flaws and our many qualities.

    • Absolutely! You’re so right! It’s such a loss whenever people let small differences of opinion drive them apart – choosing to focus on a minority of differences when the similarities outweigh the dissimilarities by far!
      The more and more I read and think about religion, the more it seems to me that religion is a place holder for knowledge. A kind of substitute. (really hope this doesn’t strike any of the wrong buttons or offend you). A Hippocrates quote comes to mind; it’s something along the lines of: “People think epilepsy is divine (or rooted in supernatural causes) just because they don’t understand it. But if we called everything divine just because we don’t understand it – then there would never be an end to the things we’d label as divine!”
      Whenever religion – or any other similar belief structure causes people to reject new information then that’s holding back intellectual progress, which gets me a little rattled sometimes, but what can you do?
      I’m glad you found this thought-provoking!

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