I Need Feminism


Do this. Google “I need feminism” and you will find a roster of reasons, examples and stories about why people need feminism.

I thought I’d chime in my own reasons. I need feminism because:

  • I don’t like being called a bitch when I call someone out on their shit.


  • Wearing an engagement ring is one of the measures I take in order to protect myself from unwanted advances. Someone please remind me why in hell my personal wishes to be left alone are never taken as seriously as some fictitious fiancé’s possession of me?


  • Getting drunk has WAY too many risks.
  • My (male) relatives believe I should enjoy the attention of guys who hang out their car windows and holler at me. WTF and WHY?
  • I have given away apologies to people who never deserved them because I ‘friendzoned’ them. Friendzoning is bullshit. If you got your hopes up thinking  I would date you just because you throw compliments my way and try to engage me in conversation, then I refuse to take the blame for bursting your bubble. Wake up to fucking reality.


  • Where I live, the more a guy has sex, the better track record he has. With a girl – it’s the exact opposite. I’m not advocating for either opinion, but a happy medium between the two would be great.
  • “Boys will be boys”. WHAT THE HELL? I sure hope not. Why does anyone even say this? Unless you really want a society filled with male bodies walking around with the maturity of twelve year olds. Oh wait… Isn’t that what we’re dealing with?


  • Being a virgin is the holy grail of womanhood. For some weird reason, my value to society stems more from whether or not I’m having sex rather than whether or not I’m an innovative mind who will be solving the problems the generations before me started. What?
  • I’ve realized that I don’t take credit for my own successes when there’s no damn way I should attribute it to anything else than my hard work and tenacity. Watch this one minute video. It’s so true.
  • A man on the street who I’ve never met before thinks he has the RIGHT to talk about my legs (as some object like the weather which one casually brings up in conversation) and what’s worse than that is I’m supposed to enjoy the ‘compliment’.


All these reasons about why I need feminism – while they’re valid, they’re also nowhere near the reasons many other people need feminism. My list here is a list of gender related problems I run into in a country where we would like to believe we have equality and it’s all good. My focus on my first world problems only has to do with the fact that these are the ones I know intimately, and I’m in no way wanting to forget about the serious issues feminism is combatting around the globe, sex trafficking, criminalization of rape and other shit like that which you really think would have been wiped off the face of the earth by now. Hello, it’s 2013. But no, as long as we have people writing laws based on men’s interpretation of religious texts, this bullfuckery will go down. I need feminism. You need feminism. You need feminism because you need me to have the empowerment to repair society from all the fuckups of patriarchy.




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  1. Hi Swiss Mousie,
    I completely agree with you. I believe that more people need to be educated on feminism because without it, women would continue to walk around in a world where they’re not considered 100% equal to males. I wholeheartedly agree with your point on how there are so many risks for women getting drunk in public. Women shouldn’t have to worry about what may or may not happen when they’re out drinking. Women should be able to get drunk around men and not have to stress over the fact that something can happen to them. If a girl wants to go out and get tipsy, why shouldn’t she? Also, women shouldn’t have to worry about telling others if they’d have sex or not. A woman has the right to make decisions on what she wants to do with her body. If she wants to have sex, let her. Nobody should be shaming her and calling her a slut or a whore. All in all, your views on feminism could not be closer to the truth. Whether you’re male or female, you can’t deny that feminism is important. We all need feminism in our lives.

    -Samantha L.

  2. Hi Swissmousie,
    For a class assignment I’m supposed to comment on something on your blog. The first time I read this, I a was a little confused by your reasons for being a feminist because I had not come across them myself. I know now that these problems are things that bother “you”, and it shouldn’t matter much about what I think of the ones I don’t understand, however I did like some of the things you brought up. I would like to know how feminism helps you deal with these problems because you didn’t really go over that, and your article is called I Need Feminism. I do have a problem with one thing you said, however. In the ending paragraph of your article, you talk about sex trafficking and how feminism is fighting it. How, exactly? Sex trafficking is a criminal activity everywhere, and it’s taken seriously by everyone, but it’s hard to fight even with military action because it is being run by crime syndicates that keep it secretive. It’s like saying that animal rights activists are still fighting poaching when it’s already illegal and being managed. Just because it’s still happening, doesn’t mean people aren’t already doing everything they can to stop it. Human trafficking isn’t happening because men feel superior to women, it’s happening because evil people are selling people to other people for money. Men, women, and children are sold into sex slavery by criminals, not people who are following some patriarchy.
    This may have just been a small mistake on your part, or maybe you truly believe that femisism is the thing battling human trafficking, but either way I did enjoy reading your article? I’ve read some of your other stuff and I think it’s interesting, but I would like to see a follow up on this.
    Evan W.

  3. After reading your blog, I couldn’t agree more with you. I believe that the world should be more educated in feminism. Not solely for the reason women do not get the respect and equality we deserve, but it’s a problem we have been dealing with for far too long. First off, I never really contemplated before a different approach to the meaning of the engagement ring until I read your definition. However, I do not 100% agree that an engagement ring is a measure a woman has to take in order to protect herself against unwanted advances from unwanted men. Men have still made advances on women with engagement rings because they don’t appreciate or understand the meaning of the ring like women do. The saying, “Boys will be boys” should be wiped out of our vocabulary. Letting this saying be used to describe the nature of boys is only adding to the idea that men are better than women and their behaviour is okay and we should accept it because they are boys. In today’s society I find it is difficult to begin the education process of feminism when we have role models like Miley Cyrus, who has access to the minds of millions of young teen girls. These girls see someone famous doing things that are not right and thinking it is okay because their philosophy is, “if a celebrity does it then it is okay for me to do”. But this mentality is wrong and should not be followed. For example, Miley has been on the news and in every tabloid for her behaviour and “slutty” actions. She brought the Twerk faze into the homes of millions of girls who then figured that since a highly known celebrity is doing this than so can they. Now every social media sites, such as, Facebook and Vines have thousands of posts with girls wearing very revealing shirts and pants, while they attempt to shake their ass to a camera where millions of perverts are waiting to see. That is only one of the reasons women can’t go to the bar and leave their drinks at their table when they go to the washroom. Or why it isn’t a good idea to walk home alone at night. Personally, feminism will never truly be taken in by the world if we continue to live in the society we do. My mom used to tell me when she was six; she would walk to school every morning by herself. If a six year old child today were to walk to school they would be taken without a doubt. As for friend zoning, I feel the same way. I too have apologized to too many boys who have blamed me for friend zoning them. My view on this is why should I apologize for friend zoning a boy when they don’t apologize for friend zoning me? However, we have come a far way in protesting women’s rights and views on feminism, from the 19th and 20th century. Women are allowed to vote and work, and have a right to voice their opinions to some extent. Feminism is something that will keep coming up and improving the world slowly at a time.

    -Robyn O

  4. Alright, I’m a dude trying to interpret all of this, so don’t take anything I’m about to say seriously. But you probably will anyways, so whatever. Tbh, I didn’t know that women were suffering this bad, so this is new news to me. If some asshole was constantly trying to fuck me out of nowhere andI had to wear a ring to prevent it, I’d be pretty pissed off too, but I don’t think you should hold it against all men. There are some good ones and some bad ones, but I don’t think it’s a gender problem at all, it’s a problem with assholianism, the modern blite of uncaring douche mongers that feel that they’re entitled to act like a total dick just for the sake of feeling like they’re important. There are female douche mongers no doubt, but you probably have to deal with the male ones more than the female ones, so maybe it seems like only guys are assholites. Can’t blame you. I’ve met assholes from both sides of the gender pool. But this whole topic of “Do we NEED feminism?” is really jostling. I mean, do we need it? Like, ok, there’s certain things we need as a species, like water, food, shelter, etc, but feminism could be swept under the rug without much problem. All we need is a bit more kindness and compassion in the world, that’s all. Men respecting women, women respecting men. If that’s what feminism is, I’m all for it, but judging from the angry content of this post, idk if that’s what you’re getting at. Women are scary when they’re angry, so perhaps the hatred against feminism is warranted from the perspective of ignorant men who don’t seem to understand the daily struggles of womenkind because they have their own problems to deal with without worrying about the opposite gender. So do we need it? Do we need Catholicism? Do we need Fordism? Do we need Nazism? I hate isms. I think they’re holding society back. Let’s just get some milkshakes and forget our differences. I like chocolate, myself. Strawberries not bad. Maybe vanilla, but man, that’s kinda bland. You can get that new Reese’s milkshakes, you hear about them? Chocolate peanut butter ice cream in a drinkable form? What kind of wonderful utopia are we living in! See? We don’t need this open division between genders hiding under the gale of egalitarianism. Feel free to debate me on that, but please, keep an open mind.

    • btw how do I change my comment image thing? I made the dumb gravatar account and everything and I found this really good Louis CK picture that describes my attitude in writing this, but instead I get this weird little cartoon monster thing. Can anyone help me figure this out?

  5. Swiss Mousie, I agree wholeheartedly with your view on feminism, because it is the view I have myself. Feminism has become synonymous with being a lesbian and a hypocrite, all because of misguided feminists such as Margaret Atwood completely misunderstand what feminism is really about. Feminism isn’t about trying to change the national anthem so it includes a mention of women; it’s about making sure that it is universally understood that women are included in the anthem, without having to be mentioned by name. Feminism is about being able to walk into a bar, or any other public place, and not be worried about being ‘rated’ by the men in the area, or having a man ask for your phone number for the sole purpose of having sex with you because he thinks you have great ‘tits’ (excuse my derogatory term, I am only giving examples of when men say when they objectify women). I support feminism because I would like to be able to work at a place like Kelsey’s, Moxie’s, Jack Astor’s, or Milestones without having to wear dresses and skirts that show off my body, to the point of indecency. Additionally, I would like to look in the mirror, and not worry about my body shape not being found attractive by men simply because I am short and do not have large breasts. Most importantly, I want to be able to find a job where I can be promoted to a high position because of my work ethic and skills, and that I will not be held back simply because I am a women. If you look at moat major corporations, the directors, executive directors, CEOs, and other higher ups are, for the most part, all males. Also, look at how much a man makes compared to a female, despite the fact that our society insists that no such distinction exists. The way the media portrays women makes me sick. The commercials on television claim that in order to be noticed by men, and to find the man of your dreams, you need to use [insert product name here]. The fact that it is advertised that unless women wear makeup, lose weight, have pearly white teeth, and wear designer clothes, they will never find love makes for a society full of emotionally damaged women with fragile or non-existent self-esteems. And what are we teaching the next generation? “Be yourself, but wear this, look like that, talk like this, and do that. Actually, don’t be yourself at all.” Because of this, along with “role-models” such as Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and Keesha, we now have twelve-year-olds who dress like they’re twenty, cake their faces in makeup, are sexually active, drinking alcohol and smoking drugs. I support your opinion, Swiss Mousie, and I support Feminism because I believe women should be able to be themselves, be beautiful without designer clothes, starving themselves and wearing makeup, and because I truly want men and women to be equals.

    -Shannon Teske

  6. I absolutely love every single point you brought up! Women shouldn’t have to go through extreme measures just to get a guy to understand that not means no. Everyone deserves equality and to be treated with respect by both genders. We should be able to do what we want, whenever we want and not be judged because it’s not “proper for a lady”; this double standards thing is bullshit. I do think that some women don’t understand the meaning of feminism and take it way too far. I’ve actually met some girls who have gotten pissed off when a guy decided to hold the door open for them. They said that they could open a door by themselves and didn’t need a man’s help which is ridiculous. Just because women are fighting to be seen as equals, doesn’t mean chivalry is dead. Chivalry is just another word for being kind and thoughtful. Both genders can be chivalrous but those girls wouldn’t have gotten mad if it was another woman holding the door open for them. As for friend zoning, I just hate that word. It’s like sorry for not having feelings for you after you were nice to me, my bad! I just thought that being nice and friendly is what friends did…dumbasses. Unfortunately, I hear girls saying that they’ve been friend zoned too, so I guess it’s not just a male gender problem anymore. But if they felt they were being lead on, that’s completely different.
    – Jessica F

  7. Heyo SwissMousie,
    I find this post quite intriguing. Being a feminist myself, I can understand where you’re coming from. I’ve got some follow-up theories for what you’ve said.
    1) There is a difference between standing up for yourself and being a total bitch, and I believe that only a person themselves can declare when they’re having a ‘bitchy’ moment or not–a man should not declare that for a woman.
    2) Even with an engagement ring, some men still try and make sexual advances, it’s completely rude and disrespectful–it shouldn’t take a wedding band to say you are ‘off limits’, if you say you are off limits then you are, end of story. You shouldn’t be treated with more respect because you’re engage, you should be treated with more respect because you are human, and a female who can decide (single/engaged/whatever) when sexual advances make her uncomfortable.
    3) The ‘friendzone’ is a very scary and awkward place for both males and females. I know for a fact that I have put people in the friendzone, and that people have done the same to me. Because I am a girl, it is expected that if I even flirt with you slightly, or show any sign of interest, and then put you in the friendzone that I am a total slut.
    4) If you’re not a virgin, you’re a slut. I TOTALLY see where you’re coming from with that–boys can celebrate their virginity being lost, but with girls it’s a huge ordeal that usually just ends up with them getting hurt and actually having to hide the fact that they lost their virginity. Why is society like this?! It should be the same for both parties!
    5) Objectifying women (as well as men) is always wrong. People are built by they’re personalities, not their hot breasts, or their gorgeous shoulder muscles. It’s actually ridiculous.

    To conclude, we need feminism. Girls need feminism, but boys need feminism, too. Women and men should treated equally. Always. There are no exceptions.

    -Allysha T.

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