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  1. After reading your blog, I couldn’t’ agree more with you. I believe that the world should be more educated in feminism. Not solely for the reason women do not get the respect and equality we deserve, but it’s a problem we have been dealing with for far too long. First off, I never really contemplated before a different approach to the meaning of the engagement ring until I read your definition. However, I do not 100% agree that an engagement ring is a measure a woman has to take in order to protect herself against unwanted advances from unwanted men. Men have still made advances on women with engagement rings because they don’t appreciate or understand the meaning of the ring like women do. The saying, “Boys will be boys” should be wiped out of our vocabulary. Letting this saying be used to describe the nature of boys is only adding to the idea that men are better than women and their behaviour is okay and we should accept it because they are boys. In today’s society I find it is difficult to begin the education process of feminism when we have role models like Miley Cyrus, who has access to the minds of millions of young teen girls. These girls see someone famous doing things that are not right and thinking it is okay because their philosophy is, “if a celebrity does it then it is okay for me to do”. But this mentality is wrong and should not be followed. For example, Miley has been on the news and in every tabloid for her behaviour and “slutty” actions. She brought the Twerk faze into the homes of millions of girls who then figured that since a highly known celebrity is doing this than so can they. Now every social media sites, such as, Facebook and Vines have thousands of posts with girls wearing very revealing shirts and pants, while they attempt to shake their ass to a camera where millions of perverts are waiting to see. That is only one of the reasons women can’t go to the bar and leave their drinks at their table when they go to the washroom. Or why it isn’t’ a good idea to walk home alone at night. Personally, feminism will never truly be taken in by the world if we continue to live in the society we do. My mom used to tell me when she was six; she would walk to school every morning by herself. If a six year old child today were to walk to school they would be taken without a doubt. As for friend zoning, I feel the same way. I too have apologized to too many boys who have blamed me for friend zoning them. My view on this is why should I apologize for friend zoning a boy when they don’t apologize for friend zoning me? However, we have come a far way in protesting women’s rights and views on feminism, from the 19th and 20th century. Women are allowed to vote and work, and have a right to voice their opinions to some extent. Feminism is something that will keep coming up and improving the world slowly at a time.

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