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Perception and the Human Mind


I wish I could claim that the following poem is a cutting edge neocortical analysis of perception, however, it’s just an assignment which I pulled out of my archives. Bon Appetit!

Human perception: how we find ourselves,
Surrounded on all sides by stimuli,
Listening to the stories which vision tells,
Finding perception more than meets the eye.

We do not blindly store remembrance,
But choose what information we accrue,
Unlike artificial intelligence,
Knowledgeless of value.

We prize our stored collections,
Of stimuli which once appealed to us,                 10
And remember certain sensations,
Gleaned from sources we trust.

The way we see things we defend,
And cling to bias, the human flaw,
For over each eye is a certain lens,
Distorting what we think we saw.

Oh human mind! Easily captivated!
Your eyes so quickly come active,
Your perception easily motivated,
And your sight allured to things attractive.     20

I notice your sure propensity,
To movement, change, and repetition,
To sizes, strangeness, and intensity,
Though these things may alter perception.

I see other things which blur your vision,
Like prejudice and past experience,
Personal feelings and their collision,
Like peacefulness or violence.

What amount of the things that you see,
Do you see free from personal bias?                    30
How much of what you easily believe, 
Is that which causes blindness.

You are too cruel, human perception,
To the young men you often assail.
Restraining his tongue from action,
Who silently watches the pretty female.

Women also could claim your cruelty,
Of the assaulting voice from the mirror,
You leave her happiness a difficulty,
And herself as the only hearer.                              40

Trouble me no more with these visions!
Human perception, how easy you deceive.
The minds like Descartes and cause divisions,
Between the blinded and those who believe.