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Seven Deadly Bins


There are seven deadly bins which you ought not dump your self in. Believe me, I know. I’ve bin there.

1) the Looney Bin.

2) the Has Bin.

3) the Ich Bin Flauschig.

4) the Ich Bin Fleischig.

5) the Should’ve Bin.

6) the Could’ve Bin.

7) the Would’ve Bin.



Gems of a consciousness-stream sparkle in the rushing water. Surrealism issues a newer thought process to me than the Jurassic rationalism. This is gold.

Owl City makes my days more bearable. http://noisetrade.com/?dc=PdGfXo These are some priceless gems. Fear not to click the big orange download button. No bugs or broken rules.

When sneezes wax crunchy, all that remains is for the ringleader to recite, “Ich bin flauschig”.

“Eye searched among the clouds.
Are you there?
And I walked sadly onward through the crowds,
Alone somewhere.” -Sky Sailing  (Blue And Red)

I perceive the fingers of your left hand to be mirrored beyond complexion by the coldheartedness of your famous bookshelf.

Pre-mediate the local motives which entrain suspension for another few bones. NOW.