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Such a Nice Day


It’s such a nice day today. The sun is gently coming in my window, and I’m reminded of the words of a Messiah, “the truth will set you free”.

It’s such a nice day to wake up with an uncluttered mind. To remember that your parents tried to raise you to think for yourself, and well, this may not have been what they were expecting.

It’s a nice day to not blame whatever unfair things that have happened to you on God. It’s a nice day to not have to believe you need your head covered for the sake of the angels. It’s a nice day to not believe your chances of salvation were through childbearing. It’s a nice day to not condemn those who wear synthetic fabrics, eat pork, or are attracted to the same gender. It’s a nice day to know I can pull out my lunch and eat with a friend of mine who is Hindu, and not care that Paul tells me not to.

It’s a great day to not feel threatened by science. In as far as science seeks to know the truth, I will remain very fond of it and curious to know it. And furthermore, it’s a great day to not see Adam and Eve as anything more than literary archetypes symbolizing the historical assumption that women are to be blamed for the downfall of the whole human race. That women are more prone to deception than men. Not being prone to deception begins with questioning ill-founded beliefs. And rejecting them when you find them baseless.

And I have only begun.