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Bloggy Brain Burdens


I’m lingering in the valley of indecision in regards to how to publicize my blog. I began blogging with the good intentions of giving all my relatives the URL as a means of keeping in touch. However, I’m rethinking. I want to retain the liberty to circumlocute at the expense of the reader’s comprehension. At this point in time the most idoneous option is waiting, and thinking about it more. I get the sense that my blog would become burdenous for anyone who actually subscribed. I mean, in all honesty, how much does a person want duck photos clogging their inbox? Or chameleon clocks? Or, expositions of Deuterocanonical works? Vehement and wordy rants against the male half of the species? Any takers? I doubt it. My blog is one giant buffet for everyone. Come pick and choose; I doubt you will make sense of it all. The moral of the story is, subscribe at your own risk.

The only sensible reason why I metablog (to blog about blogging, truly a lame art in its own sense) about my apprehensions is because this question affects my blogs orientation in a dramatic way. I began blogging for the utility of keeping in touch with the people I love, and now, for the love of blogging, I have been unwilling to fulfill my initial motive.

C’est la vie.

By Jacek Yerka

Six word stories say it all.

Jacek Yerka: Amazing! Check him out!

Favourite things? So MANY, so few.

Don’t like my music? Suffer then.

“Suffer then” =not the original words.


I don’t owe you any explanations.

Am I random? Never, just clever.

Don’t keep me straight and narrow.

I’m who I am. unorthodox forever.

Followers: Subscribe at your own risk.

Metamorphasis of Disaster


       The earliest stage is a       hostile       void.
   Sucking even temperament dry inside
 Left arid left arid left more arid yet.
Only seeking a strong fortress
  To soothe the dull aching throb.
      Finding it to not soothe pain at all,
         But create a pulse, addictive, sly.

            When life is vibrant, growing, fleeting,
        Unnoticed by the surrounding flatterers.
    It finds a way to create numerous droplets
  Which stain the inmost soul.
 Love fly away from the divide!
Near to the parting ways,
 Must one pick up the spade?
  Must we hasten to break down defenses?
   To make a mark, leave our initials,
      Carved on all the possible walls,
        Which were intended to keep us out.

       The following stage is accidental,
    I have seen it happen with
 Retinas obscured by the event.
A bifurcation from honesty towards self,
 In the attempts to gain what shant be taken away.
   The lies continue like a bridge built over
        The burning sand.

                The burning valley of obliteration.

                             The burning talons of young eagles.

          The latter stage is less pronounced,
       Usually reverberated through cynicism,
   The wits round his aura proclaimed,
 No longer sooth the pain the throb intensifying
Meanwhile the saline touch of sadness
 Is the only solace to be offered.
  I’m getting older, and dying,
   Still, innocence! breathe on me!
      Breathe on my a cure of silence
         Cetera desunt. The show ends abruptly.
             Actors exeunt. Fly away for your safety!