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Uni Life


This school year was a little different. I was writing my final exams when a year earlier, I would have been just finishing midterms in high school. The year still feels long and intense though; the only difference is that there’s a four month summer yawning in front of me. Four month summers. Where have you been all my life?

When I think back to a year ago this time, I see myself as a completely different person – who had no idea what was ahead. Graduating from high school was one of the best things that happened to me in the last year. It’s been nice to get a change of pace in a new learning environment. Instead of being put into a big mass of people where everyone comes with different objectives and motivations, I’ve gotten to meet people with the same energy and direction as myself. This process has not only been such a great ride; it’s also been really informative about myself.

For instance, I’m going to brag here about a friend of mine who left school in order to tour the world with a famous metal band. Today’s the last day of her tour and she’s been almost EVERYWHERE. There’s also a really close friend of mine who during the first semester was being fought over by record labels in Nashville and New York. I know some pretty epic people. It’s such an awesome place to be becoming awesome.

When I was in high school I was pretty shy. I kept to myself. I often wondered to myself, “why am I even here?” and thought everything was so lame. Being in a room and waiting until a bell rings before you’re allowed to leave? WHY… But in any case, things have changed, I’ve become much more extroverted and I’ve been enjoying the faster paced environment. In secondary school – everyone pretty much HAS to be there. In post secondary people WANT and PAY to be there. It makes a huge difference. Being around like-minded people headed in more or less the same direction as you is great. I’ve become really extroverted  – to my own surprise even.

Needless to say the landscape has changed. Walking down the hallways is a little less like the nature channel, because people who are paying for education are usually trying to gain the most from their education. In other words, the need to procreate has become somewhat subdued under the need to be educated.

For those of you heading to some form of post secondary education, there’ll be a few things to adjust to. You’ll have way more responsibility, and way more to do. But the work will most likely be invigorating and enjoyable – especially if you’ve found the right program for you. You’ve got to love how after one year of university I’ve been transformed into a seasoned professional who can pepper you with advice…

In any case, closing remarks: I could watch this kitten all day. This is literally me adjusting to university. This is the perfect illustration of how you crash, burn, and figure it out. 😉